At Felicitas-Perpetua we offer our customers high quality ancient art at affordable prices. Specialising in ancient coinage, we also stock a small selection of museum quality artefacts, and a few British coins and tokens. Our items are selected for their rarity, artistic beauty, historical significance, or simply for the stories they tell.

Coins offer us a fascinating insight into the social, cultural, and artistic history of mankind. Often they are virtually all that remains of once-great rulers and civilisations. The images upon them are imprinted onto the collective consciousness, from the iconic owls of Athens, to the small change in our pockets. Integral to civilisation, coins are sewn into the fabric of society, passing through the hands of both rich and poor, buying everything: bread and wine, sex and status, loyalty and betrayal.

Unlike coins, struck in their thousands, artefacts are often unique, personal items; A terret ring from a Celtic warrior's chariot; the seal matrix of a Medieval merchant; A Georgian Dandy's pipe tamper, each is a relic of an individual human life. Artefacts offer us a tangible connection to the world of our ancestors, a glimpse through the window of time.

Whether you are a experienced numismatist, or a novice taking their first steps into this tantalising hobby, we can help. With over 25 years experience in the field of ancient coins and artefacts we can offer expert advice and guidance. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.