A very rare Romano-British dragonesque brooch, S-shaped with a dragon’s head at either end. Decorated with geometric cells inlaid with red, blue, and yellow enamel, most of which is still present. Dragonesque brooches date to the early days of the Roman Occupation, the 1st or early 2nd century, and were produced in northern England, probably by Celtic craftsmen. This is a remarkably well-preserved example with nearly all the enamel remaining. A small piece of the snout is missing from the top head, the bottom head is slightly bent at the neck. The top half of the pin is present, but broken halfway down. This is a highly desirable piece of British Celtic art, with few comparable examples existing outside of museums. Found by metal detectorist in Nether Langwith, Nottinghamshire in 2008.

Dimensions: 48 mm x 22 mm.

References: D. F. Mackreth, Brooches in Late Iron Age and Roman Britain. Plate 129. 7807. Nigel Mills, Celtic & Roman Artefacts: RC31. Benet's Artefacts of England & the United Kingdom, Third Edition: I07-0105.

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